General and Systemic Histopathology, C601&C602
    Cardiovascular Disease

    Although the cardiovascular unit will focus on the disorders we frequently encounter in the western world, we are not going to leave out less common conditions. Clearly, you will need to be familiar with all aspects of atherosclerosis and its sequelae, but as you will see there's a lot more to vascular disease than just compromise of the vessel lumen. You will need to understand inflammatory conditions of the vessels as well as neoplastic disease involving the vascular system. Freely floating matter, such as blood clots, fragments of bone marrow or atherosclerotic material, amniotic fluid and even air also constitute important pathological processes of the vascular system. And as we will learn, the vascular system is even the target organ for some microbial agents.

    Slide 6, myocardial infarction. Slide 6, myocardial infarction. Slide 2, Monckeberg's medial calcific sclerosis with atherosclerosis Slide 3, coronary artery with atherosclerosis. Slide 8, heart with amyloid deposits
    Slide 14, lung with pulmonary embolus. Slide 19, acute erosive esophagitis. Slide 19, acute erosive esophagitis. Slide 43, Heart with myocardial infarction. Slide 44, heart with myocardial infarction and  mural thrombus.
    Slide 48, fibrinous pericarditis. Slide 48, fibrinous pericarditis. Slide 50, heart with endocardial fibroelastosis Slide 119, heart with endocardial fibroelastosis. Slide 53, dissecting aortic aneurysm.
    Slide 53, dissecting aortic aneurysm. Slide 54, heart with myocarditis. Slide 55, heart with uremic pericarditis. Slide 78, TB pericarditis Slide 100, lung with pulmonary hypertension,
    Slide 106, aorta with syphilitic aortitis. Slide 110, artery with atherosclerosis and thrombosis Slide 147, giant cell arteritis Slide 208, Acute viral myocarditis Slide 210, Infectious pericarditis
    Slide 213, Berry aneurysm Slide 214, Old rheumatic valvulitis Slide 215, Diphtheria myocarditis Slide 221, old rheumatic heart valve Slide 224, angiosarcoma of the breast
    Normal heart for comparison Normal aorta Normal artery and vein Elastic artery Cardiac movies
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