CBC Interpretation


RBCs   Platelets

Sources of Error

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Interpretation of a CBC requires more than just a knowledge of disease processes.

Here's some food for thought:

  • The CBC is the most commonly ordered test in medicine.
  • More mistakes are made here that cost time and money.
  • Report layouts vary, so you need to understand what's behind the numbers.
  • Deals mostly with "formed" or so-called "cellular elements."
    • WBCs
    • RBCs
    • Platelets
  • What are sources of error?
  • Always ask yourself, do the results fit with the clinical situation?
This module is designed to be worked through in a step-wise, sequential manner.  The "index strip" at the left of each page will allow you to review earlier topics or bookmark your progess, should you get hopelessly bored. 

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