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It seems a world of Jekyll and Hyde when it comes to the clotting system.
  • Hemostasis has to go like a demon when it's called on, but still remain localized and under control.
    • Our blood volume represents only about 5% of our body weight, but losing half of it acutely can be fatal.
    • Even if you don't die from the blood loss, you can be rendered weak and unstable. Not a desirable feature if you're fighting for survival.
    • Remember, our blood is not just flowing willy-nilly, it's being pumped under pressure.

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  • The events of clot formation have to remain localized.
    • Imagine the consequences if clotting a small cut led to a run-away-train wreck of overwhelming disseminated coagulation.
    • Our genes would be out of the gene pool in a flash.

I think I'm getting the picture. So what does it take for healthy clot formation.

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