Infectious Disease Tutorial

Case1: Vomiting 

Case 2: Cough & fever

Case 3: Bruising 

Case 4: Sore throat

Case 5: Jaundice

Case 6: Flu & fever

Case 7: Diarrhea

Case 8: Black Robe 

Case 9: Back Pain

Catching the beast

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Mr. DA's diarrhea.
  • Mr. DA has had 3 days of diarrhea.
  • Yesterday he noted blood in his stool.
  • He's an accountant who tried to be his own doctor.
  • Ten days ago he treated himself for a sore throat.
  • He had about 5 days of Clindamycin left, that had originally been prescribed for his dog.
  • Dog improved and Mr. DA had saved the medicine.
  • His diarrhea began 2 days after completing the 5 days of the antibiotic intended for the pooch.
  • He describes severe abdominal cramping associated with his explosive diarrhea.
  • He's been around no one else with similar symptoms.
  • He's otherwise in good health and on no medications.
  • Physical findings:
    • T = 100.8, P = 86 and regular, BP = 124/68 mmHg; R = 16 and regular.
    • Abdominal tenderness to palpation, hyperactive bowel sounds.
    • Chest clear, heart sounds normal.
  • Lab values:
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