Infectious Disease Tutorial

Case1: Vomiting 

Case 2: Cough & fever

Case 3: Bruising 

Case 4: Sore throat

Case 5: Jaundice

Case 6: Flu & fever

Case 7: Diarrhea

Case 8: Black Robe 

Case 9: Back Pain

Catching the beast

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The type of common grave in which she was finally buried is known as an ossuary. This one was in Uxbridge, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.
  • To the right are Anuhuak's 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae.
  • They show
    • Partial vertebral body collapse
    • Fusion of the intervetebral space.
  • Here's  what her spine looked like.
  • As the Jesuit had observed, the process began in her lungs.
  • Here's how her X-Ray would have looked.
  • It then spread by blood to her bones and kidneys.

  • The changes in the lumbar vertebrae are virtually diagnostic of tuberculosis.

Still today, tuberculosis is a major cause of death and morbidity worldwide.

  • Believe it or not, right now one third of the world's population is infected.
  • The causative organism for almost all cases is Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
  • The extensive tissue destruction, however, is due to the body's immune system.

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