Infectious Disease Tutorial

Case1: Vomiting 

Case 2: Cough & fever

Case 3: Bruising 

Case 4: Sore throat

Case 5: Jaundice

Case 6: Flu & fever

Case 7: Diarrhea

Case 8: Black Robe 

Case 9: Back Pain

Catching the beast

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Mr. BB was brought in with fever and severe back pain.

  • Five days ago he fell from his horse and suffered a minor puncture wound on the right side of his back.
  • It didn't bleed much so he just applied a bandaid.
  • The next day he had some back pain which became progressively worse during the day.
  • His fever started at the same time as the back pain.

  • By the 3rd day, his wife thought he was dying sick and brought him in.
  • His temperature then was 103F and he was confused and dehydrated.
  • There is exquisite pain on the right side of his back and down his right leg.
  • To the right is a CT scan of his back at about the level of the injury.
  • See anything unusual?
  • Remember, in a CT scan the slice is viewed from the bottom up, so right and left may seem reversed.


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