General and Systemic Histopathology, C601&C602
    Pediatric Pathology

    As surprising as it might sound, we really know little of the physiology and maturational processes of childhood and adolescence. In fact, and unfortunately so, it's not obvious to most people that children are not just smaller versions of the adult form of Homo sapiens. They suffer from different types of illnesses ranging from infections to neoplasia. Many genetic conditions become evident in early childhood, but not all with obvious manifestations. Because children are naturally curious, accidental injury becomes a significant element in their lives. And most unfortunately, their limited ability to defend themselves make them obvious targets of abuse. We simply don't have the time or resources to explore all aspects of pediatric pathology, still the cases that have been chosen should provide a good grounding in the basic patterns of pediatric illness and the juvenile response to various forms of injury.

    Slide B10, Acute lymphocytic leukemia. Slide 83, arteriovenous malformation of the brain. Slide 89, infant lung with hyaline membrane disease. Slide 89, infant lung with hyaline membrane disease Slide 90, acute meningitis.
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    Slide 155, hydatidiform mole. Slide 155, hydatidiform mole.   Peds and Immune Slides Overview


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