Understanding the Urinalysis; Case 6

Case 1: Dysuria

Case 2: Flu

Case 3: Edema

Case 4: Puffy eyes

Case 5: Hematuria

Case 6: Flank pain

Case 7: Jaundice

Case 8: Fever & pain


Sources of Error

Quiz Please

Mr. HF says he's passing a kidney stone.
  • From a costume party or what?
  • He has excruciating left flank pain.
  • It radiates around to his left testis.
  • Says he's had a kidney stone before and knows this is what's happening.
  • Renal stones run in his family.
  • He knows he can pass it on his own, but would like some Percocets to deal with the pain.
  • BP = 122/68 T = 98.6
  • He goes into the bathroom and shortly brings out a urine sample for analysis.
  • Wants to know where he can go have a smoke while we wait for the lab result.
  • Curiously, when he went out for smoke the cigarette just lit up on its own.
Urinalysis Let's get him some pain relief and hope he passes the stone quickly.              Back

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