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Adrenal Epididymis Lung (macro) Skin (thick)
Aorta Epiglotis Lymph node Skin (thin)
Aorta Esophagogastric Mitochondria Spinal cord
Appendix Esophagus Mitoses Spinal cord (silver)
Appendix Fetal Finger Nerve (cross section) Spleen
Artery & Vein Fetal Joint Nerve (longitudinal) Stomach (fundus)
Artery, elastic Gallbladder Ovary Stomach (pylorus)
Bladder distended Ganglia Oviduct Gastroduodenal junction
Bladder Golgi Pacinian corp Tendon 1
Blood smear Heart Pancreas Tendon 2
Bone developing Ileum Parathyroid Testis
Bone ground Jejunum Penis Thymus Adult
Bone marrow Jejunum Pineal gland Thymus Infant
Bone marrow Kidney, needle bx Pituitary Thyroid
Bone membranous Kidney Placenta Tongue
Breast (active) Kidney PAS Prostate Trachea 1
Breast (prolif) Larynx (rodent) Salivary Gland sub Trachea 2
Cerebellum Lip Salivary Gland mix Umbilical cord
Cerebrum Liver trichrome Salivary Gland par Ureter
Cervix Liver H&E Skeletal muscle Uterus, proliferative endo
Colon Liver (Kupffer cells) Skeletal muscle Uterus, secretory endo
Duodenum  Lung Muscle endplates Vas Deferens
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