Anatomy A215 Virtual Microscopy

In this TESTIS virtual microscopic slide note the thick tunica albuginea of dense connective tissue surrounding the testis. Much thinner connective tissue septa divide the testis into lobules.
  • Seminiferous tubules are found within each lobule. Under higher magnification, the cells of these tubules can be seen at the various stages of spermatogenesis.
  • Spermatogonia are located along the basement membrane of each tubule.
  • Sustentacular cells have a pale-staining, often triangular nucleus with a small darker nucleolus.
  • Interstitial cells (of Leydig) are found in groups within the connective tissue which surrounds the seminiferous tubules. The interstitial cells produce the hormone testosterone and thus are the endocrine portion of the testes.
  • The little box indicates where the picture below came from.



See this slide with the virtual microscope

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