Anatomy A215 Virtual Microscopy
Blood Smear

Believe it or not, blood is considered a connective tissue. Liquid but still a connective tissue. In this BLOOD smear you will be able to identify the different “formed elements”:
  • erythrocytes (red blood cells or RBCs),
  • specific types of leukocytes, and
  • platelets.

The formed elements are:
  • Erythrocytes, the most numerous formed element.
  • Leukocytes (white blood cells), classed as either granulocytes or agranulocytes:
    • Granulocytes: In addition to having granules clearly visible within its cytoplasm, a granulocyte has a nucleus made of two or more lobes:
      • Neutrophils
      • Eosinophils
      • Basophil
    • Agranulocytes have much less prominent granules.
      • Lymphocytes
      • Monocytes
  • Platelets (thrombocytes)
See this slide with the virtual microscope

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