General and Systemic Histopathology, C601&C602
    Slide 96: Fibroadenoma of breast
    Just looking at this slide on a white background will show practically everything.  Note how well circumscribed this lesion is.  Here you can even see the glandular slits in the background of loosely woven fibroconnective tissue.  These can be seen at any age, but tend to occur more frequently in younger woman.  They are probably the most common benign solitary lesion of the breast.

    See this slide with the virtual microscope.

    Note the well circumscribed margins of this benign lesion and its "biphasic" composition. You will see benign stroma with "glandular slits," or ducts, lined with benign epithelium. There may be some fibrosis and inflammation just outside the capsule of the tumor. Although this is probably the most common tumor of the breast, and is benign, it causes a tremendous amount of concern. It is, after all, a contender breast mass, and that's a cause of anxiety for every woman. 

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