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Mark W. Braun, M.D.

I advise approaching these clinical cases as if you were seeing a real patient. The subjects will give you their histories and the laboratory and X-Ray departments are ready to work for you. You may find several links on each page and the smart person will click on each one. Each case has an index so you can bookmark your progress should you take a break. The quiz at the end of each case will help reinforce the major points in each exercise. 
1. A case of fever. 13. A young woman with blindness.
2. A man with chronic cough. 14. A  woman with morning stiffness
3. Middle aged man with chest pain. 15. Man with enlarged lymph nodes
4. A man presents with cough. 16. A man with a nose bleed
5. This man complains of dyspepsia. 17. A woman with a neck mass
6. Man with abdominal pain 18. CBC review
7. A middle aged man with confusion. 19. Leukemia tutorial
8. This elderly man has chest pain. 20. Three-year old girl with a cough
9. A young woman with a breast mass. 22. Urinalysis review
10. An elderly man with a seizure. 23. Infectious Disease Tutorial
11. A man complains of lethargy. 24. Coagulation Disorders Tutorial
12. A woman with vaginal bleeding 25. Nutrition related care
  26. Acid-Base Disorders
  27. Blood smear cases
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