Understanding the Urinalysis

Case 1: Dysuria

Case 2: Flu

Case 3: Edema

Case 4: Puffy eyes

Case 5: Hematuria

Case 6: Flank pain

Case 7: Jaundice

Case 8: Fever & pain


Sources of Error

Quiz Please

Urinary cast morphology.
  • A urinary cast is congealed protein or cellular debris, that forms within a renal tubule.
  • The material or cells that form a cast may have 
    • come through a damaged glomerulus, 
    • been part of an interstitial inflammatory infiltrate, 
    • have been dead tubular cells.
  • The cast is expelled into the urine, and maintains the shape of the tubule in which it formed.
  • Casts reflect conditions of the kidney proper and not the lower urinary tract.
  • In most cases they are significant and must be explained.

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