Understanding the Urinalysis

Case 1: Dysuria

Case 2: Flu

Case 3: Edema

Case 4: Puffy eyes

Case 5: Hematuria

Case 6: Flank pain

Case 7: Jaundice

Case 8: Fever & pain


Sources of Error

Quiz Please

So, what can you find in a urinalysis?
  • Constituents of the blood that may be present in high concentrations.
    • glucose
    • ketones
  • The state of health of the filtration apparatus (the glomerulus).
    • Excessive loss of protein.
    • Clearance of cells that normally aren't in the urine to any degree.
      • RBCs
      • PMNs
      • Tubular epithelium
  • The presence of casts
  • Presence of crystalline material indicating a metabolic condition.
    • Uric acid
    • Amino acids
    • Drug crystals
  • Cellular material from the bladder or urethra.
    • Transitional epithelium, malignant and benign.
    • Blood
    • Bacteria and inflammatory cells.

What does the urinalysis consist of ?

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