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  Too tired
  The dwindles
  Weight loss
  Mom to be
  Very sociable
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   Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care


Christine Carver, is a registered dietitian on staff at Bloomington Hospital. Mrs. Carver decided on the study of nutrition because of her volunteer experience working with Meals-On-Wheels in Austin, Texas. Originally educated as a botanist, she changed direction and finished her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. Mrs. Carver has held specialty certificates in nutrition support and metabolic nutrition. She most recently served as the editor of the 2006 Indiana Diet Manual, and claims she can now spot those passive sentences a mile away.
Samantha Schwenke, is an Outpatient Dietitian at Bloomington Hospital. She received her B.S. in Human Sciences from Mississippi State University in May 2004, and completed her M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Memphis in 2005. Ms. Schwenke provides nutrition therapy counseling and speaks to the community on topics of nutrition, health and exercise. Even with her busy schedule, she still finds time to play co-ed recreational soccer here in Bloomington.
Alice Lindeman; associate professor in the Department of Applied Health Sciences, Indiana University. Dr. Lindeman received her PhD in 1986 from Syracuse University. Her areas of instruction include dietetics and nutrition; medical nutrition therapy; sports nutrition; complementary and alternative health. Her research interests include nutrition in fitness and sport throughout the life span; bariatric surgery; complementary and alternative medicine.

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