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   Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care



Mrs. Kimberly Franklin, a 26 year old mother of one, is now well into the second trimester of her second pregnancy.
  • She weighs 180 pounds and is 5'6" tall.
  • She is very concerned about weight gain, and
  • Indicates the 'morning sickness' still bothers her.
  • Mrs. Franklin is very conscious of her body image.
  • She emphasizes it's important to have a healthy weight.
  • She was referred by her obstetrician because of low weight gain, although Mrs. Franklin feels she's 'fat' enough.
  • She gained 35 pounds with her first pregnancy, and did not loose it all after the birth.
    • She is determined that that not happen again.

Mrs. Franklin's SGA form indicates she would benefit from nutrition counseling.

  • Mrs. Franklin says she's concerned for her baby's health because the excessive vomiting may have resulted in a nutrient deficiency for her baby.
  • When pressed on the matter, she says she is making herself vomit after eating in attempt to prevent the kind of weight gain she experienced in her first pregnancy.
  • If her reported change of weight is accurate, she has gained only 5 pounds so far.
  • Examination of her oral cavity reveals extensive loss of enamel on the lingual surface of her teeth.
    • Click the image to see the changes.

Can this all be morning sickness?

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