Infectious Disease Tutorial

Case1: Vomiting 

Case 2: Cough & fever

Case 3: Bruising 

Case 4: Sore throat

Case 5: Jaundice

Case 6: Flu & fever

Case 7: Diarrhea

Case 8: Black Robe 

Case 9: Back Pain

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Diagnosis and treatment of viral gastroenteritis

  • Antigen detection
  • Immunoassay (ELISA) techniques.
    • Viral cultures are not practical.
    • Look for viral antigens in stool.
    • Commercial kits available for
      • rotavirus
      • adenovirus
    • Immunoassay (ELISA) techniques require a large number of viral particles.
  • Immune electron microscopy improves sensitivity.
    • Expensive and not readily available.
    • Uses antibodies to clump viral particles

  • Serological conversion (looking for antibodies) is of limited value.
    • Infection is resolved by the time antibodies appear in the patient.
  • Treatment and prevention:
    • Strictly observe universal precautions to prevent spread.
    • Fluid and electrolyte management; prevent or correct serious dehydration.
    • Perhaps a vaccine in the future, but none right now.
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