Infectious Disease Tutorial

Case1: Vomiting 

Case 2: Cough & fever

Case 3: Bruising 

Case 4: Sore throat

Case 5: Jaundice

Case 6: Flu & fever

Case 7: Diarrhea

Case 8: Black Robe 

Case 9: Back Pain

Catching the beast

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Quiz Please

Mr. PF has a terrible sore throat and fever.

  • Mr. PF is a 34 year-old musician who can't sing and is suffering mightily with a sore throat.
  • He was well until three nights ago.
    • He now has a 102 fever.
    • Difficulty breathing due to enlarged tonsils.
    • Enlarged cervical lymph nodes.
    • Another person in his band has a similar story.

  • He has no cough, and is otherwise in good health.
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