General and Systemic Histopathology, C601&C602
    Gastrointestinal Disorders

    The clinical manifestations of gastrointestinal diseases are not always as straight forward as one might think. Although abdominal pain and diarrhea are generally pretty good indications of bowel disorders, lethargy and easy fatigability may not immediately come to mind. In this unit we will look at a number of conditions that may have some rather peculiar and unexpected presentations. Use the following examples as a starting point to refine and expand your knowledge. In the past it has been very helpful for students to review their observations in small groups and quiz one another on the histology and clinical presentations of these conditions. Here are a few things to concentrate on.

    Among the common and important conditions we will study are ulcer disease, infectious enteritides, neoplastic disease, vascular disorders and even primary endocrine abnormalities of the bowel. Important categories of pathology are the diseases grouped under the heading of "inflammatory bowel disease." Here are two curious abnormalities that can be quite devastating and even fatal, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Even today the etiology for both is not fully understood. Clearly there will be others, but what is listed above you will need to know in detail. Good luck.

    Slide 19, acute erosive esophagitis. Slide 19, acute erosive esophagitis Slide 21, familial polyposis of the colon. Slide 21, familial polyposis of colon.  Slide 32, adenocarcinoma of the rectum.

    Slide 39, esophagus with a benign mucus cyst. Slide 59, colon with acute ulcerative colitis. Slide 9, pyloric ulcer. Slide 104, colon with endometriosis. Slide 105, adenocarcinoma of the colon
    Slide 128, stomach with hemorrhagic gastritis Slide 129, rectal hemorrhoids.  Slide 131, colon with pseudomembranous colitis. Slide 131, colon with pseudomembranous colitis. Slide 138, stomach with signet ring cell carcinoma.
    Slide 139, acute appendicitis Slide 141, stomach with gastric ulcer. Slide 142, small bowel with intestinal lymphoma. Slide 143, small intestine with carcinoid. Slide 143, higher power view of one of the clusters of carcinoid tumor .
     Slide 167, intestinal lymphoma.  Slide 183, inflammatory polyp of colon. Slide 199, Parotid gland with Sjogren's syndrome Slide 207, gastric cancer with ulceration Slide 212, small bowel with sprue
    Slide 216, small bowel with intussusception Slide 222, Appendix with inflammation and pin worms
    Normal Appendix Virtual Scope
    Normal Colon Virtual Scope
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    Normal Jejunum Virtual Scope Normal stomach Normal salivary gland Gastrointestinal Disease Slides Overview  

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